St. Mark Lutheran School Extracurricular Activities

Athletic Mission

Research demonstrates that sound minds and spirits are best developed in sound bodies. The value of physical health in maintaining total wellness and positive self-image is unquestioned in today's fitness-focused world.

St. Mark Lutheran School offers a variety of extracurricular activities designed to help children discover and develop fitness, talents and interests. We strive to balance the competitive nature of athletics with broad-based participation for all. Through athletic involvement, students also learn valuable lessons in teamwork, sportsmanship, respect and leadership.

Goals of our Athletic Program

  1. Glorify God.
  2. To develop character traits such as: self-discipline, self-esteem, responsibility, leadership, and teamwork. At the same time demonstrating self-control under pressure, defeat, and failure, as well as proper acceptance of success and victory.
  3. To develop a greater degree of the fundamental skills and a knowledge of the rules appropriate to each grade level.
  4. To help and prepare our students for participation in advanced levels of athletics.
  5. To provide a Christian witness to all our members and to our community and to demonstrate by example the fruit of faith in athletic competition.


Fall activities:

Spelling Bee
Football  (boys)
Volleyball  (girls)
Coed Soccer

Winter activities:

Geography Bee
  (boys & girls)
Cheerleading  (girls)

Spring activities:

Math Bowl
Hoops 4 Heart/Jump Rope 4 Heart
Track  (boys & girls)


Learn more about St. Mark Lutheran School sports programs by reading the athletic handbook.
St. Mark Lutheran School is a member of the Chippewa Valley Lutheran Conference (CVLC).

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