Leadership Opportunities

Church Council

The Church Council functions to oversee all church matters on behalf of the members. They also carry out the wishes of the congregation passed through a voters meeting. This group generally meets on a monthly basis and is made up of the president of the congregation, recording secretary (not to be confused with the church secretary), treasurer, pastor(s), and the chairmen of the boards of elders, education, finance, buildings and grounds, stewardship, and technology.

The Board of Trustees

Trustees are elected by congregation and are responsible for the legal affairs and contracts of the congregation. The board also includes congregational president, recording secretary, and treasurer of the Church Council. The president calls and presides over congregational, voter, and Church Council meetings. The recording secretary keeps minutes of meetings, manages the constitution and legal documents, and keeps voter meeting attendance records. The treasurer receives monies recorded by the Board of Finance and pays bills on behalf of the congregation and manages the annual congregational budget.

Board of Elders

The Board of Elders consists of six men of the congregation plus the pastors. The board is responsible for overseeing the spiritual matters of the congregation, approving memberships, handling transfers, and managing discipline cases. The elders also plan worship times, oversee Bible studies, and oversee care for the hospitalized and shut-in members. The Board of Elders oversee the evangelism practices of the congregation, along with managing the ushering teams. Additionally, they help to distribute communion as needed, typically once a month.

Board of Education

The Board of Education is comprised of three men elected from the congregation, the pastors, and principal. Together, they coordinate, supervise, and set policy for all Christian educational efforts underway in the Lutheran Elementary School, Sunday School, Youth Confirmation, Angel Wings, Lions' Pride, Family Bible School (children studies), Vacation Bible School, and the Parent Teacher Partnership group.

Board of Stewardship

The Board of Stewardship is comprised of three men elected to encourage members to faithfully utilize their gifts of time, talents, and treasures to serve Christ, the world and each other. They are responsible for any pledging and fundraising necessary for building projects, debt retirement, capital items as well as providing education to members on general giving and opportunities for designated gifts and endowments.

Board of Buildings and Grounds

The Board of Buildings and Grounds is comprised of four men elected to maintain the congregation's property grounds and buildings by supervising custodial work, overseeing congregational work day events, hands on repairs and general upkeep and arranging for professional contractors. Facility security and management of keys and key list of all property are managed by this board.

Board of Finance

The Board of Finance is comprised of three men elected to count and record each member's financial contributions, make deposits of those funds into the financial institution selected by the congregation and provide financial statements of record to members and the congregation.

Board of Technology

The Board of Technology is comprised of three men elected to oversee and budget for the technological aspects of St. Mark's ministry such as service recording, website, communications tools, church/school software needs. They are responsible for the maintenance and updating of the congregation's electronic equipment such as PCs, networks, servers, office equipment and audio/video systems.


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