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Parent Teacher Partnership

The Parent Teacher Partnership (PTP) was established to promote interest and support for St. Mark Lutheran School and to strengthen the partnership that exists between family and school. This organization consists of all St. Mark families, school faculty, and subcommittee members.

Four meetings are held each year to heighten school awareness, encourage parental involvement, and plan for special school activities. Become part of the PTP by joining us at our next meeting.

PTP Constitution

Get Involved

PTP Fundraising Committee
Organize ways to earn money for our parent organization's projects.
Email Katie Dieringer

PTP Activities Committee
Organize fun activities throughout the year.
Email Katie Dieringer

School Volunteer
Help with recess, tutoring, and hot lunch.
Email Peter Micheel

Concessions Volunteer
Run concessions for St. Mark athletic events.
Email Kylee Staebell

School Handbook

School Handbook

Board of Education Handbook


School Supplies

School Calendar

Hot Lunch Schedule

Safety & Nutrition Program

In accordance with the school accreditation standards and because of the variety of groups that use our kitchen, we would like you to take a few moments to review principles on safe food handling, food storage, and more. Please clean up well, including taking out garbage and making sure the floor is clean to help prevent insects and rodents in the kitchen. Take all leftovers home, unless you have specifically talked with another group who will use them in a timely way. View the presentation.

Technology Policies

Acceptable Technology Use Policy

Chromebook FAQ


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