Spiritual Growth

Bible Information Classes (BIC)

BIC is a 10-week, two hours-a-week course offered two or three times a year. St. Mark is a Confessional Lutheran ministry that teaches and follows these truths as they are written for all times, in the Bible. The course is for any adults, members and non-members, wishing to learn of or review God's Word. When a non-member completes this course, they may request membership.

Sunday Adult Bible Study

Adult Bible study is held between Sunday morning services, fall through spring. All are invited and encouraged to come. It is a larger group and great fellowship. One of the pastors leads this study in the Shaker Center. Check the ministry page in the bulletin for the schedule.

Lion Hearts

This Thursday bible study meets at 10 AM for an hour in the large meeting room September through May. This smaller study group always leads to some interesting discussion. Adult members, couples, singles, all ages, who enjoy midweek study and fellowship are welcome to attend.

Men's Bible Study

Meets from September through May, Fridays begin at 6:30 AM with breakfast prepared by one of the men. Following a healthy feeding, the men study God's word in depth, breaking around 7:50 for people to go to work. This study is for any confirmed men in the congregation and is held in the large meeting room.

Morning Moms

Mothers with small children gather together the second and fourth Monday of the month from 9-10:45 AM. Babysitting is provided by our college students. Moms do chip in to pay the student sitters. All moms are welcome!

Family Bible School

This two or three-night Bible study begins on Sunday night and running through Monday or Tuesday (usually in July/August). It is a highlight of adult Bible study in the summer. A guest presenter (pastor, professor, professional) speaks on a chosen topic. Spiritual teaching for children may take place during the speaker time. Information will be announced in the bulletin.


There are estimated 200 Wisconsin Synod students at UW-Eau Claire. As part of our outreach to the university, we provide rides for the students to Sunday services. We also have Bible study with them Thursdays at 6 p.m. in the Davies center. We host events for the students to enjoy, including meals, outings and retreats. The collegians take part in St Mark activities including providing child care for Morning Moms, sing in the church choir and provide music at services.

Hospital and Shut-in Visitations

Whether you are an inpatient or an outpatient at the hospital, your pastors and elders are happy to encourage you with God's word. If possible, please let the hospital know you are a member of St. Mark when you arrive at the hospital. Sometimes they contact us. Otherwise, please have a family member let us know in an emergency where you are. If you are homebound and cannot come to God's house, we are more than happy to come visit you and bring you the Lord's Supper. Please touch base with the pastors for arrangements.

Women in God's Service (WINGS)

WINGS is an umbrella name for all the womens groups. Meetings are held as needed. The group prepares an Advent by candlelight event, a potluck at Christmas, and a dinner outing at year's end.

Sonshine Group: Helps with seniors, visits shut-ins, sends cards, and makes/delivers meals.

Mission Minds: Keeps group updated on misson news through displays, collects funds for an individual missionary the group sponsors for the year, and attends Rally Day with area WELS mission-minded ladies.

Kitchen Committee: Oversees monthly rotating committee of volunteers who have signed on to maintain oversight of kitchen cleanliness and supplies.

Library Committee: Helps in organizing, promoting, and maintaining the church library.

College Student Group: Connects with students attending St. Mark and St. Mark members away. Creates packages throughout the year such as, first time away, Valentine, photos on display, cards/mailings and Campus Ministry activities.

Creative Hands: Makes letters for confirmation stoles, creates banners, sews quilts, updates scrapbook, and other crafts -- includes more than sewing!

Cradle Roll: Distributes books to first-time moms, creates for quiet bags for kids, Tender Shoot packets, and the Morning Moms.


Sunday School

Classes are scheduled between Sunday services from Labor Day through Memorial Day. The classes allow children to grow in knowledge using the Christ Light curriculum series. Each class highlights a Bible story that relates to our spiritual condition and God's love, faithfulness, and forgiveness. It also enhances the confirmation curriculum which is vital for the spiritual growth and training of our youth. Contact the church office to register or for more information.

Teen Bible Study

This study is taught by lay members between Sunday services in the large meeting room. Enjoy topical subjects with support materials from Northwestern Publishing House or Time of Grace.


For public school students, confirmation is on Wednesday nights from 4-5:30 PM. For day school students, confirmation is a part of the curriculum.
The goal of this study is to prepare our young members doctrinally to know what the Bible teaches, spiritually to believe its truths, and personally to be ready to serve God and his kingdom. Students are publicly confirmed in a church ceremony. Then they are ready for adult bible study and the Lord's Supper.

Active Christian Teens (ACTs)

ACTs meets one Sunday per month September through May. Enjoy Bible studies, lock-ins, bowling, sledding, open gym days, movie nights, and more.

Angel Wings

This group is currently inactive but could be revived with a volunteer leader.
Each gathering begins with a devotion while the girls enjoy a little refreshment (snack & drink) which is provided by the girls, based on a schedule that is put together at the beginning of the year. We have a project or activity. Our goal is to enjoy Christian fellowship and to help the girls learn different skills with activities like swimming, caroling, sledding, sewing, cooking, serving, crafts, and hygiene to name a few.

Kids in Christ Club (KICK)

They gather together monthly for social events.

Lion's Pride

This group is currently inactive but could be revived with a volunteer leader. Lion's PRIDE enjoys participation, recreation, inspiration, devotion, and education (PRIDE), through monthly activities. Past activities include woodworking, fire building, ice fishing, leatherwork, and rocketry.

Vacation Bible Study

One-week event that happens every summer from 9-11:30 AM. Registration is required. Watch the bulletin for dates and times. Helpers are needed for snacks, decorating, teaching, music, assisting, and crafts. If you would like to volunteer, please contact the school secretary.

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