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March 2019

The Status of Our Pastoral Call

Pastor Evan Chartrand has returned our Call. We have extended another Divine Call to Pastor Nathan Kassulke. Our prayers are with him as he deliberates.

Pastor Prahl was at Mayo Clinic undergoing multi-day tests for a medical procedure approval. He reports that he accomplished these tests and will be awaiting the surgeon's decisions on acceptance into the procedure. He has all reasons to believe things went well.

Pastor Naumann reports that he is comfortable with his current duties. He noted that there definitely is a heavier load on him since Pastor Prahl assumed his part-time role. Pastor Naumann noted that FBS is scheduled for July 14-15 with Pastor John Brug to talk specifics on Bible translations. Also noted was that St Croix traveling choir will be visiting St Mark on April 10- host families are needed to house our guests.

Elders report that they have considered calling a pastoral graduate pending a return call from Pastor Kassulke. There was consideration of the time needed for Pastor Kassulke for deliberations. Elders believe there was a proper amount of time available. We proposed this to our voters during this past Sunday's Call Meeting. The voters approved this plan of action. The council is executing this direction by placing our call to Pastor Kassulke.

Possible Change to Lent/Advent Services

Elders also discussed the possibility of moving our Lent/Advent services from 11:00 AM on Wednesdays to 4:00 PM. The thinking here is that we could join our congregation closer together during Lent/Advent and also have both services take advantage of the supper offered between services. We're not ready to do anything different for this year's Lent services, but consideration for Advent may be in order.

Board Members Needed

Stewardship continues to target board elections coming up (this next voter's meeting on April 28). If you are asked to serve on a board, please consider giving some of your time and talent in this area. St Mark's mission could greatly benefit from your experience and talents.

Board of Education

The Board of Education reports snow days are covered, and e are well within the required number of hours of instruction.

School signage was again discussed as it is believed our school should have a greater presence. The council will investigate our options again; they may be limited by the City of Eau Claire regulations.

Our principal, Peter Micheel, has decided to return his call to West Salem. We congratulate Peter on his decision and continue to support him in his role here at St Mark as principal.

Board of Buildings and Grounds

The board understandably talked quite a bit about snow removal. Monitoring of our roof and drainage systems were in constant demand as we go through our melting and drain off process. All has gone well on our properties. Also, note that there should be construction starting on our security doors on our lower wing. Working a schedule to complete this work is beginning.

Board of Technology

The board reports that they are ramping into getting online with social media platforms. These will eventually be incorporated into our web pages. The council discussed options of getting our newly confirmed members involved in this ownership going forward.

Also discussed was the need to get help from our members on recording our services. Please see anyone on the boards or your pastors if you are willing to help with video recording. The technology board is requesting your help!

Board of Finance

Finance reports that service closure greatly affected our offerings and income. The team again requested members to consider the use of electronic giving to maintain our income to support our operations.

Our treasurer continues to encourage our congregation to provide feedback to the trustees regarding the support of debt retirement direction. He presented a couple of options. The first option was to refinance at a 5-year loan. The second option was to pay off our debt from our internal funds. Both of these options will be asked of our voters for direction.

In Closing...

Please consider serving on a board, especially if you are asked. Your time and talents are greatly appreciated. New ideas, energy, and knowledge are needed by your congregation to carry out its mission. We will meet on 04/28 (our next voter's meeting) to vote on our next board candidates. Having your help is greatly appreciated - and is very rewarding!


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